May 30, 2017

URGENT! ESAs will be heard in the legislature… Tonight!

URGENT: The legislature is having a hearing, tonight, on Governor Sandoval’s bill to save Education Savings Accounts, SB506!

And, as expected, they waited until the last minute to announce it. The bill will be heard tonight, May 29th at 6pm, in a joint session of the Senate Finance and the Assembly Ways and Means committees.

Here are the details.

Lawmakers need to hear from you right now!

Members of the Senate Finance committee can be reached here:

And the Assembly Ways and Means committee members can be reached here:

This is it, friends! Opponents to ESAs will do everything they can to try to pull back the program — they’ll fight to limit the number of students, put “means testing” on it or restrict it in any way they can. It is imperative that lawmakers understand Nevada parents want universal access to educational choice.

So make sure your voice is heard!

If you have questions about how to testify or attend the hearing, don’t worry! I will be there to help parents walk through it. It’s going to be a busy night!