June 1, 2017

ESAs in trouble!

URGENT: The legislature is reportedly negotiating on a watered-down amendment for Senate Bill 506 (ESAs).

Lawmakers need to hear from you right now!

If you believe SB506 should be passed as written, and that there should be no compromising on the educational opportunities for your child, please contact your representatives now!

Members of the Senate Finance committee can be reached here:

And the Assembly Ways and Means committee members can be reached here:

Other leadership officers can be reached here:


Kelvin Atkinson — Assn. Majority Leader (IMPORTANT!)

Pat Spearman  — Co-Majority Whip (IMPORTANT!)

Scott Hammond — Co-Minority Whip (IMPORTANT!)

Heidi Gansert— Caucus Policy Coordinator


Tyrone Thompson — Chief Deputy Majority Whip (IMPORTANT!)

Jim Wheeler — Deputy Minority Floor Leader (IMPORTANT!)

Melissa Woodbury — Minority Whip

This is it, friends! Opponents to ESAs will do everything they can to try to pull back the program — they’ll fight to limit the number of students, put “means testing” on it or restrict it in any way they can. It is imperative that lawmakers understand Nevada parents want universal access to educational choice.

So make sure your voice is heard!