June 16, 2017

ESA Appreciation Day BBQ!

It’s summertime, ESA friends!

It’s that time of year when we relax with family, soak up some sun, jump in the pool, play a little sidewalk hopscotch with the kids and just de-com-press.

Summer is here!

Friends, we at know and feel your disappointment, frustration and exhaustion over the political shenanigans our leaders have played with families and Nevada’s children over ESA — a program empowering families to #LetOurChildrenSucceed.

Therefore, we want to show our appreciation to all the parents and community members who’ve fought long and strong — oh, so strong — and continue to strive for educational success for all Nevada children!

We are having a BBQ. It’s ESA Appreciation Day!

Come on down to Sunset Park on Saturday, June 24th and join your ESA friends and family — yes, yes, we are family — for some food, games and fun!

We’ll light up the grill at 10 a.m. and continue until we’re done!

Join us as we kick-start the summer!

Don’t worry, northern Nevada friends and family, we haven’t forgotten you! We will have an ESA Appreciation Day coming your way. But, in all honesty the event will most likely come after summer. After all, summer is when families reconnect, recharge and put the hustle and bustle of the school year to the back burner — no alarm clocks, back packs, lunches to make, school zones, carpools, kiss-n-drops, or homework hours to fret. Does anyone really want to think about that daily grind smack-dab-in-the-middle of your time?

Friends, over the past two and half years, I have had the honor to meet thousands of Nevada families from across this state. I am humbled every day when I think of all you do for your children, the strength you have held in this fight for your children’s future and the hope you all cling so very tight to.

Thank you to everyone, families and community friends, for trusting in me and all of us at to travail this ongoing journey alongside you. It gives me great pleasure and strength to count each and every one of you as Ohana, as the Hawaiians say — family!

Have a wonderful summer!