June 29, 2017

Happy Wednesday ESA friends!

Happy Wednesday ESA friends!

With summer in full swing and the Fourth of July festivities about to start, I know the school year is the furthest thing from your mind.  However, for those families who qualify, I just wanted to send a quick reminder that AAA is currently accepting applications.  Submission deadline is Friday, July 28th.

AAA awards scholarships using the following sliding scale:

AAA Scholarship Values

The value of the awarded scholarship is limited by the state. In an effort to ensure that the neediest families receive the most help, AAA goes one step further and awards scholarships based on the following sliding scale:

  • 100 percent scholarship for families with incomes of 185 (new applicants) and 200 (renewing applicants) percent of poverty
  • 75 percent scholarship for families with incomes of between 201 and 225 percent of poverty
  • 50 percent scholarship for families with incomes of between 226 and 250 percent of poverty
  • 25 percent scholarship for ONLY Nevada renewing families with incomes of between 251 and 300 percent of poverty

You will note that AAA Scholarships only funds new applicant households living within 250 percent of the poverty line. Renewing families, however, may qualify for a scholarship in households living within 300 percent of the federal poverty line.

You can use this link to the federal poverty chart to determine where your income falls within AAA’s scholarship scale.

According to the websites for Dinosaurs and Roses, Education Fund of Northern Nevada and ASK Scholarships out of Arizona — the other Scholarship Grant Organizations (or SGOs) — they are not currently accepting applications.  However, given the new $20 million one-time fundraising opportunity, parents may want to monitor all SGO websites over the summer in case applications re-open.

Remember, for the best chances at funding, families may want to apply to all SGOs. Families can receive scholarship awards from multiple SGOs as long as they don’t go over the program cap. The Nevada Department of Education has not yet published the new cap.

One last reminder, families can utilize the scholarship program to pay for transportation costs.  Please check with individual SGOs for their rules on implementation.

As always, should you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact for help, 702-222-0642 or email at

Have a wonderful and safe Independence Day!