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Governor Sandoval   Contact form link  @BrianSandoval; @GovSandoval

Senate Contact Information:

Name Email Twitter Phone
Aaron Ford
Majority Leader
D @AaronDFordNV C: 702-772-5544
Becky Harris
Caucus Policy Coordinator
R @beckyharrisnv C: 702-324-0404
Ben Kieckhefer
Assn. Minority Leader
R @Ben_Kieckhefer C: 775-223-9618
David Parks D @DavidParksNV LB: 775-684-6504
Don Gustavson R @DonGustavson C: 775-722-1278
James Settelmeyer
Co-Minority Whip
R C: 775-450-6114
Joe Hardy R @electjoehardy C: 702-581-3066
Joyce Woodhouse
Co-Majority Whip
D @JoyceWoodhouse LB: 775-684-1457
Kelvin Atkinson
Assn. Majority Leader
D @katkinson702 LB:775-684-1429
Mark Manedno D @MManendo LB: 775-684-6503
Michael Roberson
Minority Leader
R @RobersonForNV LB:  775-684-1481
Mo Denis
President pro Tempore
D @MoDenisNV C: 702-743-3571
Pat Spearman
Co-Majority Whip
D @Senatorspearman W: 702-701-0612
Patricia Farley R @SenPFarleyNV W:702-370-6649
Pete Goicoechea R C: 775-778-1620
Scott Hammond
Co-Minority Whip
R @hammond4nevada LB: 775-684-1442
Tick Segerblom D @tsegerblom W: 702-388-9600
Julia Ratti D @rattijulia W: 775-525-0359
Yvanna Cancela D @YvannaCancela LB: 775-684-1427
Nicole Cannizzaro D @Nicole4Nevada LB: 775-684-1400
Heidi Gansert
Caucus Policy Coordinator
R @HeidiGansert LB: 775-684-1400


Assembly Contact Information:


Name Email Phone Twitter
Elliot T. Anderson D H: 702-733-4073 @ElliotAndersonNV
Paul Anderson
Minority Floor Leader
R W: 702-410-6645 @anderson4NV
Nelson Araujo
Assn. Majority Floor Leader
D C: 702-900-2189
Teresa Benitez-Thompson
Majority Floor Leader
D C: 775-247-7665 @Assemblywoman27
Shannon Bilbrary-Axelrod D C: 702-682-1294
Chris Brooks D C: 702-682-1294
Irene Bustamante Adams
Speaker Pro-Tempore
D H: 702-542-3900
Maggie Carlton D W: 702-236-5401
Richard Carrillo D H: 702-273-8786 @richcarrollo18
Lesley Cohen D W: 702-715-0772
Olivia Diaz D H: 702-501-8994 @oliviadiaz
Skip Daly D C: 775-722-6534
Chris Edwards R C: 702-715-4308
John Ellison
Minority Whip Rural
R C: 775-934-6611
Edgar Flores D C: 702-308-0483
Jason Frierson
Speaker Designate
D C: 702-280-2981 @JasonFrierson
Ozzie Fumo D C: 702-683-4806
John Hambrick R C: 702-499-6169 @hambrick4assemb
Ira Hansen R C: 775-221-2502
Sandra Jauregui D C: 702-336-4348
Amber Joiner D C: 775-338-6733
Al Kramer R C: 775-721-5865
Lisa Krasner R C:  775-420-8411
Jim Merchant R W: 702-706-1815
Richard McArthur R C: 702-715-7181
William McCurdy II D C:  702-481-8139
Brittney Miller D W: 702-518-0599
Daniele Monroe-Moreno D C: 702-816-7922
Dina Neal D LB: 775-684-8587
James Ohrenschall D C: 702-523-4766
James Oscarson
Deputy Minority Floor Leader
R C: 775-513-7468
Keith Packard R W: 702-910-4300
Ellen Spiegel
Assn. Majority Whip
D W: 702-577-2167 @EllenBSpiegel
Michael Sprinkle
Majority Whip
D LB: 775-684-8841 @mikesprinkle30
Heidi Swank
Assn. Majority Whip
D LB: 775-684-8595
Tyrone Thompson
Chief Deputy Majority Whip
D C: 702-561-7976 @Thompson4AD17
Robin Titus R LB: 775-684-8507
Jill Tolles R C: 775-815-4237
Justin Watkins D C: 702-812-0826
Jim Wheeler
Deputy Minority Floor Leader
R C: 775-546-3471 @Wheeler4Nevada
Melissa Woodbury
Minority Whip
R W: 702-721-0787
Steve Yeager D C: 702-281-5938


LB= Legislative Building