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The Treasurer’s Office released a handbook for parents in the summer of 2016, providing information on the ESA program and application process. That handbook can be found by clicking here.

Below is a list of most of the private schools in Nevada, with contact information and approximate annual tuition. Please note that the tuition rates may have changed since publication. This list is designed to help parents get an idea of the educational opportunities in Nevada as well as the cost of private education. This list is not a list of “participating entities” approved by the Treasurer’s Office.

ESA funds do not have to be spent strictly on tuition. ESA’s enable parents to fully customize a student’s education by spending ESA funds on tuition, private tutors, transportation, non-public distance education and/or a variety of other services from participating entities and approved vendors.  

The Treasurer’s Office will be releasing a full list of all participating entities — organizations, schools and educational services eligible to accept ESA funds from parents — after the program is funded. When that list is released, it will be made available here at as well.

Please visit the Apply page for information on submitting or updating an ESA application.

Visit our FAQ page for frequently asked questions.

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